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Mission & Vision

Our mission and vision are on the threshold of the new Academic year 2015-16. With great zeal and enthusiasm we embark on this journey. Our resolution to provide quality education has once again been reaffirmed. While endeavouring to strengthen the academic achievement of every child we shall certainly focus on the all-round development through various curricular activities. Your co-operation and partnership in this mission is most earnestly solicited. Rules are most affective when teacher’s parents and students are equally committed to this cause and mission.
The following partnership contract will help us: AS A PARENT / GUARDIAN, I WILL:
• Show respect and support for my child, the teacher and the school.
•Support the school’s discipline policy.
• Provide a quiet, well-lit place away from T.V., guest room for studying and supervising the completion of assigned work.
• Attend parent-teachers meetings.
• Talk with my child each day about his or her school activity.
• Monitor my child’s internet usage and will not provide him with a cell phone.
• Assist with at least one school or classroom activity.
• Develop the reading habit in my child by showing various example.
• Check the school diary regularly for notices or remarks and home assignments. AS A STUDENT, I WILL: • Always try to do my best.
• Be kind and helpful to my classmates.
• Show respect for myself, my school, and other people.
• Show respect for property by not stealing or vandalizing other’s property.
•Come to school prepared with my homework and my supplies.
• Will use the internet only for enhancing my educational projects.
• Believe that I can and will learn.
• Spend at least 45 minutes each day studying or reading at home.
• Talk to my parents each day about my school activities.

• Show respect to each child and to his or her family.
• Make efficient use of learning time.
• Provide a conductive environment for the learning process. • Help each child grow to his or her fullest potential.
• Provide meaningful and appropriate home work activities.
• Provide necessary assistance to parents so that they can help their students with assignments.
• Enforce school and classroom rules fairly and consistently.
• Supply students and parents with clear evaluation of progress and achievement.
• Conduct special activities in the classroom to make learning enjoyable.
• Demonstrate professional behavior and positive attitude.