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Principals Message

Five year’s had been period of terrific challenges. The task is tough but not impossible. We at MAULI SCHOOL OF SCHOLAR’S, SHEGAON focus on providing innovating ideas and application of knowledge for preparing students to take up challenges for future. We are going to be exposed to very fast changes in the technological development. The future mode of teaching and learning process is definitely going to take a new turn. We are anxiously looking forward with lots of excitement about the changes and challenges to take all this by strengthening and restructuring the technical education. We achieve high productivity at low cost with better quality . We do not merely teach quality productivity and efficiency but also provide an environment ambience culture. Come with us and access the difference. We believe in dedication, diligence, regularity and punctuality. I strongly believe in the statement of FRANCIS BACON who writes:- “ READING MAKE A FULL MAN ; CONFERENCE A READY MAN ; AND WRITING AN EXACT MAN !!!” Therefore We have achieved excellence in our target due to the guidance of our Hon. CHAIRMAN DNYANESHWAR DADA PATIL and I also beseech each member of our school family to come forward and help our students acquire true knowledge and wisdom. Which is our actual motto..!!!